Hack #18: How to change the PM inside Projects in D365 Project Operations?

Applies To: Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios, Lite deployment – deal to proforma invoicing

A new Monday for a new D365 Hack!

Before throwing everything at GPT and hoping for the best, let’s look at ways to address some scenarios.

In the Project Operations world, the user who creates a project is also automatically assigned as the PM (Hack: unless you force it before actually saving the Project record by selecting someone else):

You can select a different user before and after saving it

And if you look under the Teams tab you will find that it included my user there:

All Team Members are listed here!

Let’s dive deeper to find more details. Click the arrow on the left-hand side of the view then the three dots and hit edit on the right-hand side options:

Steps to edit the Team Member’s record in a Project

Now we can see the details of this user. Note a very important field, called Project Approver. It is a Yes/No field. I am a Project Approver because I am the PM on this project:

Adding a user from the WBS is a much cleaner and less error-prone approach here. I added Jennifer Rivas as she will be approving things for me.

Now, my Team’s tab gets updated, but Jenniver Rivas is not automatically selected to be an approver. But I can change that repateing the above steps and toggling it to Yes:

Toggle Project Approver to YES

Now, both myself and Jennifer can approve Time Entries or Expenses created against this record. Simple as that!


PM goes on vacation: Now if I take a week off the other ‘approver’ can make sure the project moves along. This could also be automated in a couple of different ways if needed.

What happens if I leave the company: In this case, two things need to be considered:

One: all my records should be reassigned to someone else (it could be a manager or admin account that later sprinkles these records to others), since my user needs to be deactivated.

In the Admin settings, you can transfer all my records to someone else:

It reassigns all records not just projects!

Two, make sure the new ‘owner’ is the PM (check the approver toggle as seen above). If you forget this step, and remove the previous PM’s license/access, you will keep getting error messages later until it is fixed, not good! The result will be that ‘some’ approvals were under my user’s name and now new ones will be under the new PM, which is what you want as to preserve what really happened.

Microsoft official documentation: Team Members: here and Maintaining it: here

Hope this benefits you! See you next time.

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