Hack #9: How to use Quotes in Dynamics 365 Project Operations? – part two

Applies To: Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios, and Lite deployment – deal to proforma invoicing

Continuing from part one here

After linking my project to the Quote Line, I need to Import the tasks from my Project by clicking on Import from Project Estimate under the tab Quote Line Details (note if you did not link a project to this Quote nothing will show here after you click the button. Also, if you did not link a SALES Price List the numbers will be zero):

Note that you may need to scroll to the right to see the totals!

Normally here, I just hit OK and move on! The options are to structure how the Tasks/WBS will display in this View.

I like the standards so it ‘mirrors’ what you created in the project, as below:

Now, we get tasks from our project in here and with that the SALES and COST rates!

Because we linked our ‘draft’ project to this Quote, it will calculate our Gross Margin and Adjusted Gross Margin, as below:

In metrics, you need to click on the calculator icon and the Recalculate button to refresh the numbers, as below. If you don’t do that they will show as zero.

Now we get the profit margins for this deal.

If you scroll down, you see the graph with more details:

The next step is to naturally either close this quote as Won (creating a Contract with the same information) or close as Lost where it archives this quote. Important to note that the project, in this case, created to estimate this quote line, needs to be manually ‘closed’ by deactivating the record. Project Operations does not make that assumption for you (this can be easily automated with Power Automate).

It is very important to understand the relationship of Quote and Quote Line. Quote is the head record, and as such it holds specific information that affects Quote Lines. The image bwlow illustrates what information both are capturing it:

Official Microsoft documentation: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/project-operations/pro/sales/manage-quotes-sales

On my next post I will talk about the Contract and how that ties into the whole process.

See you next time!