Hack #13: How to use the Project Contract inside Dynamics 365 Project Operations? – Part Three!

Applies To: Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios, Lite deployment – deal to proforma invoicing

Continuing from the second post, here. Now we discuss the behaviour of the Confirm ribbon button inside Project Contracts.

This button in Dynamics 365 Project Operations (also in PSA) is used to lock a contract and prevent any further updates or modifications. This process will make the contract read-only.


Once the contract is Confirmed, the status changes to “Confirmed” and the following changes occur:

  1. The contract’s fields become read-only, meaning they can no longer be edited.
  2. The ability to create new Project Contract Lines is disabled.
  3. The contract’s billing schedule is locked, preventing any changes to the billing schedule.
  4. The contract’s project budget is locked, preventing any changes to the project budget.
In review192350001
On hold192350002
Project Contract in Dynamics Project Operations – Status Reasons: name & value
Information that shows before you hit OK on Confirming the Projet Contract

However, there are some options that can be used to customize the behavior of the Confirm button.

The options are listed by most to least preferred:

  1. Hiding the Confirmed button using the XRM Toolbox (https://www.xrmtoolbox.com/): If the Confirmed button is not needed, you can use the Ribbon Workbench (https://www.xrmtoolbox.com/plugins/RibbonWorkbench2016/) tool to hide it. This is a very popular way if you wish to create a specific workflow, and in most scenarios prefered.
  2. Creating a custom workflow using Power Automate: This allows you to reverse the process in case the contract is already Confirmed. Link:
  3. Customizing the behavior of the Confirmed button using JavaScript: You can use JavaScript to customize the behavior of the Confirmed button. For example, you can create a script that runs when the button is pressed to validate the contract’s data or to send an email notification to stakeholders. This might conflict with logic built by Microsoft so be extra careful if you decide to use this option.

Othe source: https://community.dynamics.com/365/projectserviceautomation/b/dynamics365projectexperience/posts/closing-project-contracts

Microsoft cannot know what process every single Organization out there uses. Test the OOTB but if that does not work for your case, design one that does!

To learn more about Dynamics 365 Project Operations, you can visit the Microsoft documentation

Managing Project Contracts inside Project Operations can be found here

Thanks and see you next time!

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