Hack #14 : How to properly use/fix errors in Quote Lines in Dynamics Project Operations?

Applies To: Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios, Lite deployment – deal to proforma invoicing

Why is my Quote Line showing zeros in Project Operations?

Let’s walk through a simple scenario and see how we can fix it.

When in the process of building a Quote and a Quote Line inside Dynamics 365 Project Operations, two things are true (if you don’t know what the heck I am talking about go check this and this):

  1. You can import project tasks into a Quote Line to get sales and profit margin:

The preferred method, it calculates the profit margin if a cost price list is associated with the Contracting Unit of the project.

2. Or you can just go plug a total sales amount (currency amount) and call it a day (a manual process):

This is typically used for one-offs or when you need to include an extra cost or fee against the project.

In this Post I will follow case number one, so we can understand how the tool thinks about the process.

The steps are:

– A Lead/Opportunity goes to the Quote stage

– A Quoteheader‘ is generated and we pick a project to link to it (we are not done!)

– User creates a Quote Line Detail (in that same Quote) and imports the tasks in from the associated Project

– Now, we have everything (cost vs sales totals and a profit margin)

Nice, we went through the motions and followed the steps, and yet our Quote and Quote Line Detail is giving us zeroed sales prices:

Why is this happening?

Price Lists – Either one or both Cost and Sales Price Lists do not contain the ‘Role’ assigned to the Bookable Resource you chose for that task. Price amounts are based on Roles and not Resources.

Solve this by completing these steps:

1: Both Price Lists have all the roles you need

2: that they match the same roles so for both Cost and Sales you get the values.

3: Once that part is done you will need to import the tasks again to see the results inside your Quote Lines.

Microsoft Official documentation: here

Hope this helps, see you next time!

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